Can you hear the sound of heaven?  Let your feet dance!  Raise your voices for a great shift has happened in the earth!

As My people lay stunned in the magnificent spiritual shift, they have let the enemy rest.

Do not let him gain a foothold.  Dance!  Let the worship reverberate throughout the land!  Do not let the enemy rest!  Do not let him gather strength!  When you are tired, get up, worship and begin to dance!  Begin to shout!  VICTORY!


I AM the Only Savior of the World!

There has been a heaviness with My empathetic ones.  Ones that feel the emotions and the pain of others.  It has been a rough season for you! But well know, I AM the only Savior of the world!  You are not!  The government is on My shoulders. Not yours!  The burdens are Mine!  Not yours!

Am I not the One who gives beauty for ashes?  Am I not the One who turned adverse circumstances into something you can gain from?  So I shall deal with the pains of this world.  Believe in me, in what I am able to do.  Know that I am working.  Know that you are a partner with Me.

Come away and refresh yourself.  Take care that your burdens of another do not take over your joy and your strength!  Only do what I have you do and leave the rest to Me!

This will be a long fruitful season.  Learn how to rest and worship in war, in a new way.  Make My presence a priority and come up for air more often loves!