I will Fulfill My Word to You

It has been a long time coming.  Those promises I have given you that were in the womb of waiting, of waiting for fullness of maturity.

You had thought that I had forgotten.  You had thought that you were disqualified.  You had thought time for that has passed. I am here to tell you, I forgot not one of My promises given to you.  I will fulfill My word to you.  My Word of life, My words of promise..

It is coming where you will awaken and make your way out of the hardened shell of the previous season of disappointments.  The light will be so bright and penetrating it will draw you out of that shell, that hardness and it will crack, then shatter! As you arise spreading your new wings.  Wings of hope and promise and a guarantee that I will always fulfill My Word.

What have I said to you?