In a War Zone of Lies!

You’ve been in a war zone when I would have you in a peace zone. Your peace has been uprooted by the enemy, and you have spent much time and sometimes much money trying to get it back. And I tell you now that I AM the Prince of Peace! All you need I have. All you need is to come to Me. Lay your burdens down. Rest in My arms. Let me take away your weariness and refresh you.

The enemy lies to you, and you think that coming to Me will not do what you need to be done. He tells you there are many steps to come to Me or you disqualified yourself from being able to come into My presence! THAT IS A LIE!

Come to Me. My arms are ready and waiting. My love and comfort is right here, right now. For you. For My love.

Do not walk! RUN!


One Thousand Ways to Love

I can speak of a thousand ways to love you says the Lord. Even a thousand ways more. My prose to you, My words of love to you will never stop.  Oh! How I love you! I can count the many ways, but I am God!  You cannot begin to fathom the length, breadth, depth of my love!

It’s been a hard season.  One you have not been feeling the love.  I will pour out love so that you will feel My touch.  So much so that this love will spill over like a flood into the world.  Let it be known this next year will be one filled with love.  For that is what the enemy has tried to steal, peace and love, that is exactly what I am doing!

Look for it!  Indulge in it and spread it!