Soar, Little One, Soar!

Old things are past and new things have come.  What you have been doing is ending.  Do not fret nor be afraid that somehow you have failed for today is new, really.  I have come upon you in a new way.  I have sat and nurtured you like a hen sits on her eggs.  And like a chick forming in the dark, so have you been.  You have wondered if you would ever see the light again, even see my face again.  Yes little one, you were under my wings the entire time.  I have not left you, I have birthed a new thing in you!

And as a new thing you are a little wet behind the ears, a little wobbly on your feet.  Your feathers will grow and you once again shall fly!  Stronger than ever before!  Take heart!  Today is a new beginning!

Soar, little one soar!