Just like high school seniors and college seniors, My seniors are getting their degrees this year!

Just when you thought retirement was around the corner, I am going to re-fire you, not retire you!

The youth are coming and we need all hands-on deck! We are going to need nanny’s and grandmas to rock those new babes in Christ! We are going to need more kindergarten teachers and grandpas to teach them how to play ball in the spirit.  And we need cheerleaders to encourage them along the way!

The greatest move of God is coming!  Get ready to stay off the couch and get out of the rocking chair!

Many of you have said, “But Lord we are sick!  Our knees and hips hurt. and we are tired. and because of that. our patience is thin!”

The Lord says, That is what I redeemed you from!  What are you hanging on to those sicknesses and diseases for?

I am sending a refreshing and new ease of the miraculous where one day you can barely walk and stay awake to running with boundless energy!



Free to Be!

It’s about time I help you start to dream again for this season has been one of survival, dreams put on hold.  Hope deferred has even made itself known.  Know this, I Am in the healing hearts business!

For being heart sick can affect you not only spiritually but physically and I will heal everything that the enemy has put on you!

It’s time to dream again.  I will be putting options in your path for you to choose.  Abundant choices are coming your way.  Not everything has to be a life or death decision.  No worries about going through the wrong door with this.  This is for your enjoyment, your delight!

I want you to dream again of beautiful things, of enjoyable things.  I want you to feel free again!  To be creative again!  Free to be!