Hang on There Lady!

You have said, “But Lord!  Everything is still going wrong!” “Hang on there lady!,” I heard.

My promises shall come to pass.  They have still been working.  You are exiting a long season of delay, a long season of drought, a long season of no payouts, a long season of no recompense, says the Lord.

Hang on a little longer.

I see a vision of being buried from heaven by all those backed up promises, blessings, healings and whatever else!

You will be compensated for your agony, your sickness, your poverty, your broken promises, your severed relationships.  As the enemy has overplayed his hand, so will I towards you.  He will rue the day he ever set out to harm you.  For the extent that the enemy came against you. I shall double that and more!  For that which you have lost is that which you will gain and more.  And it will not take an unidentified amount of time!  Look for it!  Look for your checks in the mail!