Don’t Keep Yourself From Me!

I am compassionate!  For every sin that besets you, I have provided a way of escape!  Don’t dwell in sackcloth and ashes, dwell on My blood and what it has done.  Keep dwelling with the Most High.  I will deal with your sins.  My presence obliterates sin to ashes, takes away it’s power over you.  Keep coming to Me.  Keep coming under the Blood of Christ.  Take communion and let me take care of those pesky habits that keep you from Me!

When you sin you remove yourself from Me when I am the very presence you need at this time!  I am telling you sin will flee in my presence!  Demonic influences cannot happen in My presence!  Come to Me and tell Me your burdens.  Let Me take them from you.  Let Me wash you clean with My blood.

* I have a vision of the Lord gently cleaning my dirty face with loving care*

Don’t keep yourself from Me!  I love you and want to be with you!  Come!