Can you hear the sound of heaven?  Let your feet dance!  Raise your voices for a great shift has happened in the earth!

As My people lay stunned in the magnificent spiritual shift, they have let the enemy rest.

Do not let him gain a foothold.  Dance!  Let the worship reverberate throughout the land!  Do not let the enemy rest!  Do not let him gather strength!  When you are tired, get up, worship and begin to dance!  Begin to shout!  VICTORY!


Free to Be!

It’s about time I help you start to dream again for this season has been one of survival, dreams put on hold.  Hope deferred has even made itself known.  Know this, I Am in the healing hearts business!

For being heart sick can affect you not only spiritually but physically and I will heal everything that the enemy has put on you!

It’s time to dream again.  I will be putting options in your path for you to choose.  Abundant choices are coming your way.  Not everything has to be a life or death decision.  No worries about going through the wrong door with this.  This is for your enjoyment, your delight!

I want you to dream again of beautiful things, of enjoyable things.  I want you to feel free again!  To be creative again!  Free to be!

Vision of the King in the Ballroom

I was lying in bed just before sleep talking to the Lord and suddenly I was in a vision but in a vision so real I didn’t know if I was there or where I was! He said let me take you there, let go.

The room was expansive with tall ceilings and red walls and gilt moldings, shrouded in candlelight.  I could sense other people around, other beings, but I could not hear them. It seemed like a ballroom in a palace!

There stood in front of me, my Lord, King of Kings dressed in all finery.  Dark blue coat and gold braids adorning his light blue waistcoat with his breeches neatly tucked into fine leather black boots.  His beard was close and his dark brown hair in loose waves pulled back at the neck.  So, handsome, simply breathtaking! I had never seen him like this before!

His eternal blue eyes were trained on me. Oh, those eyes, those eyes I knew so well.  Waves of love were coming off him.  Desire.

I sensed I was dressed in a magnificent light blue ball gown, I could feel it on my body.  My hand reached to my neck to feel the heavy necklace I knew was there.  In my knowing, it was a diamond necklace.

I suddenly felt I was not good enough for him to pay attention to me.  I was very self-conscious since the last time I remember I was in my sleep t-shirt with tousled hair in my warm bed. He was so regal and commanding and stood in front of me looking right at me.  I felt exposed and wanting, uncomfortable, for he could see everything.

He lifted his arm for me to take and I saw my elegantly gloved hand reach for him. I could not look at his shining face. He led me over to a floor to ceiling window darkened by the evening.

“This is how I see you,” He said quietly.

I looked at my darkened reflection.  I caught my breath!  Looking back at me was a woman in her prime.  Royal.  Queenly.  Me.  My long red hair shown like copper cascading in waves, the sides brought up elegantly in an intricate twist. A crown twinkling in the luxuriant candlelight. A heavy diamond pendant necklace, just like I felt. My incredible gown, light blue, shot through with gold thread and motifs.

He took my hand gracefully; we started to dance.  Never once his eyes leaving me. I could smell his scent. Feel his breath. I knew his love.

Then I awoke.

I will Fulfill My Word to You

It has been a long time coming.  Those promises I have given you that were in the womb of waiting, of waiting for fullness of maturity.

You had thought that I had forgotten.  You had thought that you were disqualified.  You had thought time for that has passed. I am here to tell you, I forgot not one of My promises given to you.  I will fulfill My word to you.  My Word of life, My words of promise..

It is coming where you will awaken and make your way out of the hardened shell of the previous season of disappointments.  The light will be so bright and penetrating it will draw you out of that shell, that hardness and it will crack, then shatter! As you arise spreading your new wings.  Wings of hope and promise and a guarantee that I will always fulfill My Word.

What have I said to you?


Let Me Help You With the Strength and Persistence and Consistency for Change

It is the time of the year when many people evaluate their habits and where they are in life even according to their bodies.

I would tell you that yes, your physical body is important to be able to live life fully with energy and zest.  Strength and stamina of the body also affect the soul and spirit.  When you are not in the place you want to be, change is required.

I tell you that the instructions are the failure, not you!  Come to Me!  My burden is easy and light!  I know you and what will work for your health and well-being.  Let me help you renew your strength and mount up as if on the wings of eagles!

Let Me remind you of My word that you are redeemed from the curse of the law from which all disease comes.  Let Me remind you no one know you like Me, Loved One.

Let Me help you with the strength and persistence and consistency for change.  For I am gentle and loving and not of the world.  Let Me help you really change for good!