Take heart, take heed! My organization is coming!

I would say to you today that even though things are being tossed to and fro and life has been like it’s been thrown in a blender, take heart!  Take heed!  Don’t you know I am in control?

Watch all around you what I am doing.  When you clean your house, when you clean your basement, how about your garage!  Doesn’t it look like a mess before it’s clean and organized?  You may even get yelled at by your spouse for creating such a mess!  It’s even painful to look at for you!

And even cleaning that garage I have to move and remove things.  Stuff will be thrown out.  Obviously bad stuff but also stuff that is tired and over with.  It’s outlived its usefulness.  It’s still good but it’s not for you.  Those things have to go!  And those favorite things that have parts missing, broken handles, things from the past, those are going too!

Take heart, take heed!  My organization is coming!  Only after I have cleaned out!


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